Prostitution variants in Korea. In case you were curious.

I am a lurker, and it looks like from prior posts that people don’t really know about sex in Korea. As a connoisseur of the industry, I will share. Korea’s sex industry is huge and is really varied in the services offered. My list isn’t doesn’t cover everything, there are things like coffee girls, old ladies hiking in the mountains (which I learned about in /rkorea), and probably others that I don’t know even exist.
Whiskey “talk” Bars No sex, hot girls just sit with you and drink whiskey with you. Some places will charge 50 bucks to have the girl sit with you, some places will not. If there are other customers, the girls will pop in and out for periods of time. You can expect to spend 200+ for a bottle of whiskey. EDIT: You can’t expect any action from these girls. The cool ones will let you touch their tits over the shirt, but only old creepy guys do this. If you’ve got game, sometimes the girls will meet you when they aren’t working. I have never been able to pull a whiskey girl.
Kiss Rooms You are just paying for companionship. They act like your girlfriend, snuggle with you, kiss you, and let you touch their tits. I guess people jerk off in there because a girl asked if I wanted to beat off, and sign says you’re responsible to clean up your own jizz. Sex, oral sex, genital touching is not available. I assume the girls working here are actually students trying to make some shopping money. It costs about 40 dollars for 30 minutes. If you’re a foreigner, you shouldn’t have any problem getting in to this place.
Barbershops These are rather seedy places that are usually staffed by older women. There are two variants: A jerkoff/blowjob place or a sex place. At jerkoff places, they just jerk you off. Sometimes the girl who greets you and gets you hard is different than the girl who actually jerks you. A mate of mine had a bad experience when after they put the towel over his eyes, he peeked to find that the owner was jerking him off (an old man). Sex places you just pay for sex.
Window shops These are where you windowshop and pick one of the sad looking girls at the windows. You go in, shower, and bang for less than 100 bucks. You should not expect much. They bang probably dozens of customers a night, so they are in a hurry to get you finished and have no motivation to satisfy the customer. Despite government crackdown, they still exist. There are many window shops available for foreigners.
Blowjob joints Tons of these in Gangnam. You go in, wash your junk, and a topless girl blows you bareback while you play with their tits. Around 50-70 bucks. Great for stress relief. Foreigners might not be admitted, not sure. You cannot choose the girl unless you know one by name.
DaeDdal Rooms “Daeddal” is short for daeshin ddalddali, which means masturbation by proxy. You cannot choose the girl, unless you know one by name. DD rooms vary greatly in services provided. The super basic ones will just have a girl give you a hand job. Some places will have the girl blow you but not let you shoot in their mouth. The better ones will have a girl lick your whole body, rub bodies with oil, lick your ass (don’t knock it till youve tried it), and suck you off. No sex. Some of the skilled ones simulate cowgirl but instead of penetration they wrap a fist around your manhood. DDs are sometimes better than sex. All of this will cost under 100 dollars. Beware of police crackdowns. Rare but sometimes done for show.
Massage Parlors Similar to DDs, but with sex. Afterwards you get massaged by a blind guy. Don’t expect quality sex because these girls have many clients per night. You cannot choose the girl, unless you know the name of the one you want. Will cost 150-200 bucks. Many of the larger ones will have maze like passages and escape routes in the unlikely event of a police raid. Foreigners are usually allowed if you pay more (100+).
Officetel You can find many of these on websites. The girl in the pictures is usually not the one you meet. You go to a studio apartment that are setup like the girls’ personal apartments. They treat you like their boyfriend, and you talk for a bit then sex. The service is usually good and they aren’t in a rush to get the act over with, as they want repeat customers (more money for them). Costs 100-200 bucks, depending on how hot the girl is.
Delivery You can go to most love motels and ask for a number for a delivery girl, or pick up a business card littered about everywhere. Girl shows up, you bang, and they leave. No risk of police enforcement. You can’t choose the girl obviously, and quality of service will vary greatly. 150-200 bucks. Foreigners can order if they pay more.
Full Salons Are basically high volume Room Salons, usually attached to a motel. These are cheaper than Room Salons/Norebangs at about 300-350 bucks. These places are usually very clean and not seedy. Girls are usually insanely hot and a large full salon will have dozens and dozens of these girls on site. You can pick the girl among the bunch that enter. If you don’t like what you see, you can keep asking for new ones. They are young and hot, and service will be rushed. One hour singing and drinking, then 30 minutes upstairs for the sex. They will rush you to finish, since they can have up to 10 customers per night. Foreigners are welcome if they pay more. The official stance is that foreigners have diseases, but I talked to several of these girls, and they say the real reason is they don’t want a big dick slamming their cervix or stretching their hole when they have a bunch of men to service that night.
Norebangs Many norebangs will provide girls for you, from an outside service. If you’re a party of three, they will bring in 3 at a time for you to choose. Somebody usually has to take one for the team and pick the ugly one. Some places will let you have another choice selection, but you’ll have to wait a while, as they call the girls in from an agency. You drink with the girls and sing with them, for about 2 hours. Then you go to a nearby motel for the sex. You can choose not to go to “2 Cha” (the sex), and it will be cheaper. Some norebangs have girls on site, some girls don’t do 2 Cha, but you will be asked ahead of time what you’re looking for. Expect to pay 350-600 per person. Service can vary, but generally service is better than full salons or massage parlors because the girls have max 4 customers per night. Hot girls are usually bitchier and less driven to please, but not always the case. Foreigners can pay more to play.
Room Salons Are fancy norebangs that are specific for the purpose of entertaining men. Some room salons don’t offer 2 Cha (sex), and instead you talk to and touch hot girls while you drink and sing, or they will just offer a quick blowjob at the end of the 2 hour session. Most roomsalons will offer 2 Cha, usually off site. Quality of service will be high, girls will be hotter, and the facilities much cleanier and luxurious. Prices will be high: you an expect to pay 500-1500 per person. On the upper end of that price range are TenPro (10%) salons, which claim they have the hottest 10 percent of girls in the industry. Many salons claim they are a 10% salon, though. I am not aware of any cheap or expensive room salons that allow foreigners for 2 cha.

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